The heading right!? Well I didn't have a camera person so I took these by myself and though, damn! They ain't so bad.

So.lets get to it. Better than nothing,today I will be sharing a few tips on how to be happy. I haven't reached there yet but I am on my way there and I thought let me share.

This is like the main key, getting comfortable with who you are and what you stand for. I can't say that I have reached the Zen of being completely comfortable but it is a working progress and I like every but of it. The key is making yourself happy and putting yourself first.

2. Finding you.
This comes after accepting yourself the way you are and bettering yourself. For example:I am going to use style because this blog was meant for that. Get inspiration from online. I use Pinterest, Tumblr,we ❤it and Instagram. These platforms help out a lot and the interesting thing is that you can share your outfit and see what people think. So if I haven't found my style yet, I would jump on it fast.

3. Giving yourself sometime off.
Sometimes we all just need a break, you know, that time that you either spend doing nothing or reading a book, maybe downing a glass of wine while catching up with the big bang theory.My roommate and I call this time a time to waste time. We all need it. We all need to laugh and forget what's keeping us all night and trust me it is an amazing thing to do and you feel much better after words. Just make sure that you have arranged everything before getting to waste time.

I had just a few to say but trust me, I want this to be something to look forward to again. So see you next time and have an amazing week.

Hello, I told you we are back and this week we have a new post. The wide legged pants. I realized there Is no way I would call it tgw wide legged pants after having a post like that before but here it is again, the wide legged pants. 

So why let's party? Simple: it looks like its less serious. I mean, most times I see wide legged black pants I immediately jump into a serious look but this look was sueposed to be chilled out.

The key is to find the balance between the two pieces that you have diceided to pair up together. I went with black on black showing a bit of skin on the mid part. Throw on one of your favorite over pieces that scream chill out and for me the military inspired jacket did it.

Tell me what you think.

 Happy new year! Why am I saying that just now, simple it's my first post this year. 

I know I know I have kept y'all waiting but I needed to know that direction I wanted this blog to follow and when I found the direction, things just started happening. Example? I am sure you want at least one good excuse. Well, here it is ....I moved out and things have been a bit hard. Trying to settle in a new place and all it can get a bit to hectic and before you know it you are one month and two weeks old but hey I am back to updating. So see you soon and I hope your year is great. Xo. 

I fell in love with blue on blue and pattern on pertten. Do great for chill out with friends.

That time of the year again where you have to attend Christmas dinners and all branches. So what to wear? That's what we all ask but the answer is simple, wear something you are comfortable. Thats the key. Don't forget you are going to eat and don't try to be someone else. Be yourself and happy holidays .

Sometimes you want something a bit serious. Just accesprise how you'd like it.

And sometimes you need some fun.

Tell me what you think and xoxo be safe.

Hey beautiful people, I know y'all have that question of why so quiet? And I do have the answer. I have been sick for a whole dang month. I never thought something like that'd ever happen to me but it is dang true and sad and I have a new appreciation for health now. Like enjoy the fact that you have your appetite, and you can walk around without feeling dizzy or know the whole sickish feeling: appreciate it big time.

It all started with the off shoulder trend and I loved it and now we are seeing more and more of one shoulder show. It was worn with sweaters and long slouchy tees and I loved it but now, we are seeing shirts and denim jackets worn like this. My first take on it was numb but after a while it grew on me and now I can't seem to get enough.

I paired mine with mom jeans (I repeat, I have a tone of them. Why? Simply coz I yhi k they are the best things to resurface back to the fashion world.) I rolled the bottom to give it a but of a flare-i-put -allot- of - thought kinda a feel. The silver heels I felt went great with the cool vibe though I think black strappy heels will go well too.

It is fun to show one side only especially if its with a shirt it just feels good and on point so try it out and enjoy.

See y'all soon. Ohh and tell me what you think.

I will start off this post by saying this is not a a sponsored post, I am simply showing and sharing my favorite apps as per now. I am pretty sure I will change my mind about some of these apps in the near feuture. Why you may ask? Because...people are making better apps all the dang! time.

Let's start with


If you like your aesthetic in a particular way then this app os for you. We all know that VSCO cam got a new upgrade and it ain't anything like what it was. They got rid of the white background that made it look like Instagram. The lovers of keeping everything in order on IG know what I am talking about, but fear not, planolly is here. It looks exactly like IG apart from it having three columns. You can also schedule when you want to post your pictures I mean this thing is a life saver. Best app hands down on my side. Another thing's free.

2. Best Fiends.
  If you have been on YouTube and you follow vlogs like britpop then you have heard of this game. It's true ....looks innocent at fort glance but I swear you will get hooked. Ever since I discovered it I can't stop playing. It is the best thing after candy crush. All you have to do is defeat the slugs. Amazing and free....try it.

Well that's it for the apps that made my list today and I would suggest you check them out. 

The rain is pouring outside, I am under a duvet watching the regular show and a hot cup of tea is waiting for me. ION This post was supposed to be up on Monday but due to somethings that coukdnt be avoided it is up today. You know, the first post for November or the last post for October but it's finally up.

This the two in one kinda post. We have the T-shirt to rock it during the day. I mean keep it work appropriate and the camisole kind of top for the night. (I am having a writers block here guys so work with me.) Lol.
Tell me what you think.



I am in season three episode 5 of lost (I am finally watching it. Late to the party? I know so wipe that distasteful look off your face) I have pressed the pause button because my mind went to this song orthis for easy YouTube one and it had me thinking of my life.

I won't lie, I feel like crap and I would kill for a day in paradise where time doesn't move to compose and get myself together but since I can't: the song above makes me smile a bit. That and the lyrics even the best fall down sometimes 😆 .

 I have not been a saint, hell I am far away from it but sometimes when things happen you wonder if you are a magnet for bad luck and no progress or Jesus went on vacation on you. The presure the world has on you, to be something, to be someone, to accomplish more than any other person. The presure you have, on this case the presure I have on myself, it's too much. Can someone take me away and walk down the sunset like the hippies we are at heart. I wish I could give everything that everyone wants me to do a middle finger .

Even if the road seems rough and twirly, sometimes I forget but when I remember God, I look up and smile simply because I know he is looking down at his daughter and smiling. He is making me stronger. I hope I can pull through this.

Xoxo .

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