Sunday branch or a baby shower this look is a great ensemble. Think about it this way, you want to look cute, show off some skin but still look like you can run a meeting later. Or attending some casual meeting on a Saturday. Can we give a moment to the tied up front part. Cute right?

On the other hand there is the issue of attracting stares form people who think you look all wired differently. If you are wearing anything that is short and different. Like so different than what people are used to and in this case- Shorts- . Then again where is the fun in fitting in?Sometimes we might not agree with it because we end up sounding like mega doutche heads but we like the attention, well, I know sometimes I like it. Deep down in the pit of your heart you like the fact that you made a few heads turn and the fact that you are confident in what you wore and you like's usually middle finger to the heaters.

The button down shirt has been making its way around the fashion industry for a while now and to see it back has me thinking of the high school days (you know what I mean if you studied  in Kenya and most likely did the 844 system in  a school that followed the British system lol), Wearing the particular piece can be a bit of a challenge if you don't work at an office where a white shirt is kind of  a mandatory thing and you are not in school. Well worry not because I am here to show you a casual way of how you can style the shirt. I had a few more ways of how you can do it but this one was the easiest one and probably the one that will kind of keep the stares away if you are planning on hitting the streets. 
Hope you enjoy the few pictures.

The cropped jeans are the in thing right now and I loved he idea of it with the white button down. tell me what you think.

So my love for this dress is really strong. I remember when I got it. Well, I didn't get it exactly, let's just say I went through mum's closet and found this pretty one collecting dust. It was a long a** dress and I didn't like it, the length that is but there was something about the material that was amazing. after having a small talk with my pair of scissors, we decided that it is for the best to *cut it,cut it*. Lol.

Since then honey, I can't seem to get this dress out of my mind. It does so well for casual hung out and errands running. You know those times you want to look put up but not exactly put up? Yes those kinda days. Hell I even wore it on my first date out two years ago. (Yes, it is an old dress, lol)

Tell me what you think and share my work if you liked it. ❤

P.s my love for sneakers is real. Lol

See you next time.💋

The cold days are done and the sun is slowly showing its beautiful face again...well I have a feeling it won't be long since the time I was taking these pictures it had rained. I just pray we get to 'chill more'.

I put this look up to help with choosing the outfits for relaxing days. You know, that time you don't feel like denims or fitted stuff.  You like something loose and very comfortable.... (I just list my train of thought because Avatar the last air bender cartoon pulled me
and comfortable too.
Tell me why you think and I hope I have inspired you.

A few weeks back.....maybe a month or 3/4 of a month ago there was a contest at STYLVO , if you don't know them I suggest you get to clicking and see all the amazing African bloggers, stylist and designers, anyway as I was saying I won a few things from Pauline's cosmetics Kenya and I am here to talk about the pieces I got. 

P.s this ain't no sponsored content.

1.Eye Shadow

 Got two of each, light shade and dark shade. I have never been that girl who applied eye shadow, always scared that I would look like a scare Anyway I love the darker shades, maybe it is coz of my skin but I adore it. I however don't use it as eye shadow I use it as a highlighter. The pink and dark pink go at the tip of my nose and the high cheekbones. Ratchet much? Don't think so. Everyone likes how I look.
I use the light shades as a tear duct highlighter. I will however sit down soon and try to have a full face made up with these They are glittery, that's why I use them as

2. Lip gloss.

Now these here are what I will die for. I love the texture, I love the colours and when you apply the caramel one the brown tone is just golden. In total love.


Let's start with the bristoles, love them . The crease and brow brush are a savoviour in my collection. One word to Pauline cosmetics Kenya, is that they continue doing what they do. I love them.

Ever since I discovered the wide legged pants i cant seem to get enough of them. I mean you can dress them up nd down easily and fast, though sometimes I fail miserably but when I score the look I always love it.

Ever since they made a comeback I have been jumping on every piece  I get and the fact that they keep n coming in black is even better lol. Here was my first-time nd this won't be the last.

Tell me how you would dress your pair of wide legged pants.

 When I was a teen, getting to wear anything my mom owned without me completely changing how it looked was difficult,actually impossible and it never even crossed my mind but not now. Most of the things she owns I always find myself rushing for a piece or two or like in this case everything apart from the shoes and I like it. I love that I can pick out clothes from her closet and totally rock it without feeling off or odd.  Yes, everything is from her closet apart from the shoes and I love it. Tell me what you think.

 have been quiet for a month and I am really sorry, let's just go with the story that I was mega caught up and no wifo for a while to actually put up something but I am back and I want to stay back. I love doing this, it makes me happy and gives me something to do. So if you are in the country especially Nairobi you know the weather has been chilly and everyone is rushing for the heaviest and warmest knit anything that they can get their hands on. Have you walked around town? I love seeing everyone embracing the sweater culture and it is basically becoming a new norm, a beautiful norm.
I can't say I have jumped on the band wagon because I have been on the wagon for a while now and styling sweaters is something I look forward everyday, well since mother nature decided it was good to have our noses cold (Really I am not jocking, my nose gets really cold.) Here is how I styled one one for a not so cold day out.

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